Franco Signor

The Industry Leader in Comprehensive MSP Compliance

With decades of industry experience, Franco Signor’s team of experts deliver innovative Medicare Secondary Payer compliance solutions. Our measurably superior outcomes have helped create the fastest growing compliance firm in the U.S., ensuring clients settle their claims with efficiency and confidence.

Franco Signor was founded by experts with the objective of serving clients through innovative Medicare Secondary Payer compliance solutions. Navigating the complexities of this space requires partners with diverse and deep industry experience. Developed by recognized industry pioneers, Franco Signor’s proprietary processes deliver best in class service to our wide array of clients.

As a result of our unmatched ability to mitigate Medicare exposures, we are one of the country’s leading providers of MSP compliance services. Franco Signor’s innovative, technology driven approach represents a groundbreaking step forward in the delivery of Mandatory Insurer Reporting, Conditional Payment Resolution, MSP Compliance Audits and Medicare Set-Aside Services.

A Technology Driven Approach, Delivering Measurably Superior Results

  • Experience. Established by recognized MSP leaders with unmatched understanding of each facet of MSP
  • Best in Class Technology. Compliance solutions that harness your Medicare data to drive superior outcomes
  • Partnership. Proactive business intelligence that understands your unique compliance needs
  • Engagement. Unparalleled legislative and regulatory involvement
  • Comprehensive Approach. Understanding that true MSP compliance is more than Medicare Set Asides

We are passionate about Workers’ Compensation, Liability and No-Fault Plans we serve. Through innovation and oversight we lead the evolution of the marketplace.

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