John Williams

John Williams has been at the forefront of the MSP compliance industry since its inception, and is considered one of the industry’s earliest founders. In August of 2012, John was named the Chief Executive Officer of Franco Signor. With a team of industry leading executives, highly experienced personnel, and unparalleled service solutions; Franco Signor is recognized as the nation’s premier provider of MSP compliance solutions. Prior to joining Franco Signor, he served as the President & CEO of Gould & Lamb from 2001-2010.

During his career, John has engaged with every major insurer, self-insurer, and TPA in the industry. He and the team at Franco Signor have completed hundreds of thousands of settlements involving MSP matters and implemented thousands of MMSEA reporting programs for clients. John is a nationally recognized authority who has written numerous articles and is a frequent presenter at national conferences on the topic of MSP Compliance.

John joined the managed care industry in 1994 and has held executive leadership and sales roles with Corvel, Concentra, GENEX, and HNC Insurance Solutions. He is a Medicare Set-Aside Certified Consultant (MSCC) and a Certified Instructor on Workers’ Compensation matters. He has held Board positions for the International Commission on Healthcare Care Certification (ICHCC), the Medicare Advocacy Recovery Coalition (MARC), and the National Alliance of Medicare Set-Aside Professionals (NAMSAP).

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