Franco Signor LLC Releases New Web-Site and Service Offerings
Jesse Hamby
August 15, 2012

Bradenton, FL (8/15/2012) – Franco Signor LLC is pleased to announce the completion of its new web-site and additional company service offerings. Franco Signor has expanded its service offerings to include MMSEA Reporting Services, Risk-CAP Services, Pharmacy Management Program Services, Post-Settlement Beneficiary Services, and Future Medical Cost Projection Services. Additionally, the new site highlights Franco Signor’s core competencies while detailing their unique and comprehensive “Four Phase” review process. Check out the new site at

Franco Signor’s MMSEA Reporting Services now include MSPComply, an EDI based platform that communicates directly with claims systems using secure file transfer protocols and iComply, a web-based platform that allows clients to directly enter data into a portal for reporting of claims to CMS. Franco Signor’s CEO, John Williams commented; “We have developed MSPComply and iComply to be the most advanced MMSEA Reporting solution on the market today. In the last two years, MIR and MSP compliance have evolved and this system has been developed with the business intelligence needed to properly manage every MSP claim exposure.”

Franco Signor’s Risk & Compliance Action Plan (Risk-CAP) Services have been developed to manage the three components of MSP compliance effectively and avoid the possibility of inappropriate and expensive services being performed on clients’ cases. Franco Signor’s CLO, Roy Franco noted; “All too often we see clients being taken advantage of by vendors focused solely on growing their revenues. Our clients come first, so we analyze the risk components of each individual claim and provide our clients clear communications and a roadmap to successfully resolving their MSP exposure.”

Franco Signor’s Post-Settlement Beneficiary Services focus on the needs of the Medicare Beneficiary after the settlement is resolved. Providing Professional Administration Services and Discount Rx/DME Services is crucial to assist the beneficiary in properly managing and depleting their allocation funds. Franco Signor’s COO, Jeff Signor said; “We recognize that dealing with MSP matters requires the cooperation of all sides. Settlements can be adversarial, but MSP compliance shouldn’t be. We have developed the tools necessary to give beneficiaries piece of mind after the settlement process has been concluded.”

For additional information on Franco Signor’s new services, contact Jesse Hamby at or John Williams at