FS Quoted in Buffalo Law Journal
Roy Franco
May 12, 2010

For Immediate Release

April 12, 2010 – Franco Signor LLC made local headlines today when its principal, Roy A. Franco was quoted in the Buffalo Law Journal over an ongoing exchange between the Assistant U.S. Attorney, Robert Trusiak and local personal injury attorney, J. Michael Hayes over the applicability of the Medicare Secondary Payer Act to the liability claim.  Franco said “the defendant is going to want to make sure that the entire [MSP] process is resolved so they don’t have two cases related to this one transaction” in response to questions by reporter Annie Deck-Miller about whether settling a liability case for pain & suffering only by a defendant would make sense or not.  The Medicare Trust Fund requires reimbursement for past medical expense, known as conditional payments under 42 USC §1395y(b)(2) when a payment is made by a defendant to a Medicare beneficiary and all parties, including attorneys are exposed to this liability regardless of what is said in the settlement documents.  To read more click here.

Franco Signor LLC was established in 2010 to provide consulting services for the liability industry with regard to compliance with the Medicare Secondary Payer Act.  Services include conditional payment resolution, protocol development and audit.  The firm offers its services to both sides of the liability case as cooperation of all parties is necessary to achieve mitigation of exposure to the Medicare Secondary Payer Act.

Read the article here: http://www.lawjournalbuffalo.com/news/article/featured/2010/04/12/102239/msp-debate-still-heating-up