2013 Workers’ Compensation Education Conference Speaker Announced
Jesse Hamby
December 10, 2012

Franco Signor LLC is pleased to announce the addition of Mr. Robert G. Trusiak to the list of major presenters for next year’s 2013 Workers’ Compensation Educational Conference to be held in Orlando, FL August 18th – 22nd.  On Wednesday, August 21st from 2:00 – 4:00 pm Franco Signor will conduct an in-depth session entitled, Fed Soup: Served with D.C.’s Best Intentions.  This session will deal with the Federal Government’s incursion into the world of liability claims and the impact this move will have on the entire workers’ compensation landscape.   .

Mr. Trusiak is Senior Associate General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer, and Privacy Officer for Kaleida Health.  Kaleida Health is the largest healthcare provider in Western New York, serving the area’s eight counties with state-of-the-art technology and comprehensive healthcare services.  Kaleida Health treats more than one million patients annually at its various sites, including four hospitals, two long-term care facilities, numerous community health care centers, behavioral health programs, and a visiting nursing association.

Mr. Trusiak’s duties as Senior Associate General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer, and Privacy Officer for Kaleida Health include ensuring regulatory and statutory compliance, including Medicare Secondary Payor and HIPAA, resolving matters involving accrediting and enforcement entities, addressing contractual and risk related matters, and managing litigation teams of outside counsel.

Mr. Trusiak retired from the United States Attorney’s Office on July 2012 after serving our country as an Assistant United States Attorney for 20 years.  He was responsible for civil and criminal prosecution on behalf of the United States of America in the following areas of litigation:  Affirmative civil enforcement involving health care fraud, MSP, corporate fraud, postal fraud, perpetrated against the Railroad Retirement Board and the Food and Nutrition Service.  His affirmative civil responsibilities also included environmental enforcement, asset forfeiture, and Food and Drug Administration litigation involving misbranded or adulterated products.  He also was responsible for criminal prosecution of health care fraud, corporate fraud, Department of Defense fraud, HUD fraud, grant fraud, VA fraud, Customs violations, USDA violations, Postal fraud, and Social Security fraud.

While an AUSA, Mr. Trusiak recouped through civil and criminal resolutions in excess of a quarter of a billion dollars on behalf of the federal taxpayer.  He also wrote extensively on MSP and its intersection with the False Claims Act.

Prior to serving as an AUSA, Mr. Trusiak was an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney for the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office as a member of the Major Drug Unit in Cleveland, Ohio, and a state appellate judicial clerk.

Mr. Trusiak received his B.S. degree from the University of Akron, and his J.D. degree from the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law.