CMS Releases Updated WCMSA Reference Guide and Updated WCMSA Self-Administration Tool Kit
January 7, 2015

Recently, CMS has been busy making small changes that are now reflected in the Updated Guide dated January 5, 2015. We have blogged about these changes as they were originally released. However, they do warrant reiterating.

Most notably are:

1. CR13265: Adding language to address schedule change for Hydrocodone compounds from schedule III to Schedule II. Click here to read our recent blog on this topic.

2. CR 12192: Updated the deadline for response to development requests for proposals submitted via the WCMSA portal to 20 days from the previous 10.

The updated WCMSA Reference Guide and updated WCMSA Self-Administration Toolkit can be found in the Downloads area of the WCMSA Self-Administration page on the Workers Compensation Medicare Set-Aside Arrangement section of This link may be used to access that page, then scroll to the Downloads area near the bottom of the page.

Contact Franco Signor with any questions you may have regarding the recent changes to the WCMSA Reference Guide.