Medicare Compliance Session Alert – CWC & Risk Conference 2017
Jesse Hamby
August 17, 2017

Session: Important Medicare & Medicaid Changes Primary Plans Need to Leverage for Savings
Friday, September 8th / 9:00 – 10:00 am

CMS has been actively pursuing conditional payments for close to a decade where there is a settlement, judgment or award. In the fall of 2015, CMS expanded recoveries to include unresolved cases with Ongoing Responsibility for Medical. Given the larger volume of cases, the Courts have finally caught up to decide what CMS is allowed to collect. This session is designed to go over the law to determine how Parties should approach CMS to dispute unrelated medicals and the basis for such arguments. Listen as our industry leading presenters discuss the recent CIGA case and how it changes the landscape in the favor of primary plans.

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