Commercial Repayment Center Transition Webinar: Transition to New Contractor, Performant, to be “Seamless”
Heather Sanderson
January 19, 2018
Yesterday, January 18th, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) conducted a webinar for Non-Group Health Plans (NGHPs) to discuss the transition of the new Commercial Repayment Center (CRC) contractor from CGI Federal to Performant Financial Corp.  On January 17th, a similar webinar was conducted for Group Health Plans (GHPs) with respect to the transition. Ted Doyle, the Project Director for Performant on the CRC contract joined the webinar with John Albert as well as Jackie Cipa of CMS.  Below is a summary of the relevant points from the webinar. CMS stated that the PowerPoint used on the webinar will be released on their website next week. 
  • Timing of Transition: On Friday February 9th, CGI Federal will cease work as the CRC contractor. On February 12th, Performant will take over.
  • “Dark Days”: February 8th-9th will be considered “dark days” for CRC operations. During this time, all case information will be transferred from CGI Federal to Performant.  CMS/Performant repeatedly requested that the industry not send duplicate files as Performant will be in receipt of all information from CGI Federal.
  • Effect of Transition: Performant as well as CMS both stated throughout the webinar that the ultimate goal for the transition is to be seamless for all CRC customers. It was also stated that the transition will have zero effect on the COBC. Additionally, all recovery processes/implementation of CMS policy will remain the same. Performant stated that its goal was to enforce CMS’ policy and objectives, and as such, all recovery practices will stay the same.
  • About Performant: Performant claimed that it has over 40 years of recovery experience with the largest federal and state agencies; it has 1,500 employees, has deep experience as a Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC), experience since 1976 in healthcare and government, is a publicly traded company, and touted that it is well known for excellent customer service. Performant also stated that it welcomes outreach by the industry after it takes over as the contractor. 
  • New Contact Information:
Medicare Commercial Repayment Center – NGHP, P.O. Box 269003
Oklahoma City, OK 73216 
Fax: (844) 315-7627 (new number) 
Phone: (855) 798-2627 (maintained as the current CRC Call Center phone number) 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM ET 
Commentary: As we stated in a prior blog, with Performant’s deep expertise and experience as a RAC, primary plans should expect to receive increased Conditional Payment Notices (CPNs) as well as Conditional Payment Letters/Demands after Performant begins work as the contractor. While all CMS processes and policies for recovery will remain the same, Performant will likely increase recoveries of conditional payments to the Trust Fund. We are looking forward to working with Performant, and appreciate their goal of making this transition seamless as well as their promise to improve communication between the BCRC and CRC. We will keep our readers apprised of any updates or trends that we find with the transition to the new CRC contractor, Performant.