Commercial Repayment Center Update: Uptick in Recovery Efforts Ahead
Heather Sanderson
July 18, 2019

As a continuing effort to update our readers on the Commercial Repayment Center (CRC), we are providing an update on the CRC’s recovery activities. Franco Signor has been notified that several large insurance carriers have received preliminary notice of a large number of potential debts that the CRC intends to issue Conditional Payment Notices (CPNs) or Demands on. Recall that Performant Corp was awarded the CRC contract in early 2018 and since then has been charged with recovery efforts for workers’ compensation and no-fault conditional payment recoveries.

Now almost a year and a half later, and particularly as Performant is paid on a contingency fee basis, the industry is experiencing a ramp-up in the CRC’s recovery efforts. Primary payers for workers’ compensation and no-fault claims should be ready for these influx of recovery notices and prepare any applicable defenses to any unrelated, improper recovery charges. Further, we recommend accurate ICD-10 and Section 111 Reporting as the data drives the CRC’s recoveries. For questions on conditional payment best practices, please contact