Franco Signor MSP Book Release
Roy Franco
April 23, 2010


Kenmore, NY – April 23, 2010.  Franco Signor LLC announced today the pre-release sale of its MSP Compliance book for the liability industry.  Available from Juris Publications at, the book will start shipping on June 1, 2010.  The authors, Roy A. Franco and Jeff J. Signor are very excited about this offering.   Jeff J. Signor said “There exists a great deal of confusion on the topic of Medicare Secondary Payer Compliance and the liability case, I co-wrote this book to start a dialogue with the industry to promote better understanding and compliance.”   Roy A. Franco was equally pleased and mentioned his belief “that the book will demystify MSP compliance issues and make it easier for practitioners – examiners and attorneys alike by being proactive instead of reactive to Medicare and its contractors.”

Franco Signor LLC was established in 2010 to provide consulting services for the liability industry with regard to compliance with the Medicare Secondary Payer Act.  Services include conditional payment resolution, protocol development and audit.  The firm offers its services to both sides of the liability case as cooperation of all parties is necessary to achieve mitigation of exposure to the Medicare Secondary Payer Act.