FS Claim Solutions Announces New COVID-19 Services
Jesse Hamby
May 19, 2020

Get Fact-Based Clarity for Your COVID-19 Claims
As the insurance industry adapts to the unprecedented challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, FS Claim Solutions has developed two critical new services to help. These services embody our long-standing commitment to delivering claim resolution tools that are reliable, efficient and cost-effective. Introducing COVID Reserve Setting Tool (CREST) and COVID Medical Cost Projection Service (CMCPS) from FS Claim Solutions.

CREST: COVID Reserve Setting Tool
CREST provides a high-level overview of the expected costs related to the diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19. The costs are determined through the codes known to be related to diagnosis cross-referenced with the patient’s local market prices and our proprietary clinical references and resources.

CREST provides insight into:

  • Testing and assessment costs to confirm initial diagnosis
  • Emergent treatment costs, including hospitalization, following diagnosis
  • Follow-up care costs such as telemedicine, residual viral effect testing, and antibody testing

Cost Effective Rate
$1,000.00 flat fee

CMCPS: COVID Medical Cost Projection Service
COVID-19 patients undergo varying degrees of severity which a range of costs associated with differing levels of care. Though the disease course is limited (4-8 weeks on average), the cost can be substantial, especially in patients with co-morbid conditions. CMCPS provides a detailed projection utilizing an evidence-based methodology based on actual billed amounts or applicable fee schedules. Count on our CMCPS to deliver certainty and accuracy when it matters so much.

CMCPS provides costs related to:

  • Emergent and inpatient hospitalization
  • Follow-up care such as tele-medicine, residual viral effect testing, and antibody testing
  • Ongoing monitoring for viral complications, especially in patients with pre-existing conditions

Cost Effective Rate
 (no ventilator treatment involved in patient care)
$2,000.00 flat fee*

Complex (ventilator treatment involved in patient care)
$3,000.00 flat fee*

*1 free revision in the first 6 months. $1,000.00 flat fee for revisions after 6 months

We look forward to discussing how we can help put these services to work for you. Contact us today.