Medicare Updates: CMS NGHP Beneficiary Recovery Webinar & Medicare conditional payment “round-up”
Mark Popolizio
November 11, 2020

Written by: Mark Popolizio, J.D., VP of MSP Compliance & Policy

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I wanted to provide you with two new article releases regarding important conditional payment updates as follows:

Medicare conditional payment round-up … CMS trends, CRC updates, post-settlement TPOC beneficiary recovery and more!

This great new piece provides a nice “round-up” of current conditional payments updates and trends – including MSPRP (portal) updates, CRC’s recent activity concerning redetermination requests, and the growing issues and challenges related to post-settlement TPOC beneficiary recovery. 

CMS to hold NGHP Beneficiary Recovery Process Webinar on December 9th

CMS will be holding a NGHP Beneficiary Recovery Process Webinar on December 9, 2020 at 1:00 p.m. ET.  The primary audience for this event is noted as “attorneys who represent beneficiaries and other beneficiary representatives.” As part of this upcoming event, CMS notes that it plans to focus on the MSP recovery process when a Medicare beneficiary receives a settlement, judgment, award, or other payment; a “refresher” on the beneficiary recovery process, including what functions can be facilitated using the MSPRP; as well as providing information on its alternative demand calculation options (Self-Calculated Conditional Payment Amount and Fixed Percentage Option) and beneficiary recovery tips and best practices.  Parties interested in attending CMS’s webinar should follow the registration information as outlined in CMS’s notice.

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