Medicare Advantage Plan (MAP) and Part D (Prescriptions) Lien Resolution Service

Both Medicare Advantage Plans (MAPs) and Part D Prescription Drug Plans (PDPs) are private insurance companies that offer Medicare coverage to beneficiaries in lieu of traditional Medicare coverage.  MAPs and PDPs won the right to recover conditional payments, just like Medicare, but neither the Commercial Repayment Contractor (CRC) or the Benefits Coordination & Recovery Center (BCRC) can help you identify and pay back these private conditional payment obligations.  It is your responsibility to do so and it must be taken seriously, as certain states allow MAPs and Part D Plans recoveries for double the original lien amount plus interest and attorney fees.

Franco Signor can identify these private conditional payment (CP) obligations for you.  We are the only MSP Compliance vendor with the ability to quickly identify, using our propriety systems, the MAPs and PDPs liens associated with your Claimant.

Our experienced staff is ready to help you identify this emerging exposure and negotiate with MAPs and PDPs the lowest possible lien amount.

Make a Referral to us today to ensure:

  • Prompt and accurate identification of MAPs and/or PDPs associated with your Claimant in any workers’ compensation, liability or no-fault claim;
  • Take advantage of our proprietary systems to accurately discover these Private Medicare Plans;
  • Avoid being the target of private litigation taking place today across the Country by private law firms, such as MSP Recovery LLC who has recently secured a $5,000,000 settlement being confirmed in the Florida U.S. District Court.

Contact us for assistance in establishing best practices, identifying CPs, negotiating reductions and getting final resolution of MAP and/or PDP liens.

MAPs and PDPs are incrementally securing the right to double damages against Primary Plans through litigation leveraging the Medicare Secondary Payer Act.  Click here to see the latest map of jurisdictions subject to this emerging exposure.



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