Mandatory Insurer Reporting

Is your MSP reporting SMART compliant? Learn about our latest technologies that take full advantage of the Medicare Secondary Payer Act. Request a demonstration today!

The Medicare and Medicaid SCHIP Extension Act of 2007 (MMSEA) requires electronic reporting of certain data to Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) about liability, worker’s compensation and no-fault claims. Applicable plans (insurers or self-insured’s) face severe financial penalties if reporting is ignored or improperly executed.

Franco Signor has several solutions to report MMSEA data that can be tailored to work with a RRE’s claim system. We work closely with our clients to achieve error free results utilizing one of our following reporting systems.


iComply is our proprietary web-based reporting service. iComply includes all of the MMSEA required fields as well as client designated error tables and complex error code dashboards that are regularly updated. Simply login to our secure web-based interface and enter the information to query and report MMSEA data. The system can stand on its own or be partially integrated with your claim systems to reduce data entry.


MSPComply is our proprietary electronic data interface (EDI) solution. Our reporting system works with your claim system as the backbone for MMSEA reporting. Information is integrated directly with your claim system through file upload and download protocols in real-time. MSPComply clients work in their own claim system environment.

SMART Comply

SMART Comply proprietary business intelligence provides dashboards for monitoring of all Medicare and Medicare contractor correspondence. SMART Comply can be added to iComply or MSPComply. It can also be used for clients that self-report or utilize another Reporting Agent. We duplicate either our iComply or MSPComply environment for these clients, without interrupting their present processes, and increase MSP compliance with additional monitoring. Smart Comply utilizes proprietary business intelligence to manage claim workflows, identify MSP issues, track progress of resolution, and store MSP related correspondence in a safe and secure central repository, and accurately catalogs them so they can be searched and processed on demand.

Our Comply suite is secure and unmatched by our competitors. Contact our offices to learn more about our Mandatory Insurer Reporting Services. You will receive a quote based on your individual needs to integrate systems and have Franco Signor perform these services. The Franco Signor team has developed the largest and most successful Mandatory Insurer Reporting programs in the industry and we look forward to discussing a solution that will protect your interests.

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