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An Innovative Approach to Settlement Administration Services

Many MSA vendors forget the Medicare Beneficiary in the process of compliance.  At Franco Signor, we manage all components of compliance for the parties involved.  As such, Franco Signor has developed programs and services to help the Medicare Beneficiary manage and maintain the allocation funds after the settlement.  Once the MSP compliance process is done for the insurer, the future management becomes the responsibility of the Medicare Beneficiary.  Let Franco Signor assist you in navigating these waters and preserving your allocation funds for years to come.

Professional Administration Services: Introducing CareMDRx

The CareMDRx service promises to change the way Medicare beneficiaries pay for and manage the overwhelming costs associated with medical and pharmaceutical expenses after an accident.  The program is designed to introduce never-before-seen clarity, efficiency, and savings into what has traditionally been a very complex and difficult-to-navigate system of post-settlement healthcare.

With our unmatched access to existing medical and pharmaceutical networks, Franco Signor can power CareMDRx’s proprietary technology platform to provide several useful services to Medicare beneficiaries; people that may soon be enrolled in Medicare; or those individuals who are personally financially responsible for their medical, pharmacy, and durable medical equipment expenses.  Most importantly, this service comes at no cost to the Medicare beneficiary.

There are three services options available to best fit your needs.  Option 1:  Professional Administrative Services (PAS) and Option 2: Assisted Administration Services (AAS) include all of the following benefits.  The primary differentiator between the two is the control of the bank account for distributing the funds.  Option 3: Network Access Service (NAS) is designed for anyone, whether or not they are a Medicare beneficiary.

  • CareMDRx will issue each enrollee a Healthcare Savings Card.  These cards will be used by the patient anytime they go to the doctor, purchase prescriptions, or when they buy durable medical equipment.
  • CareMDRx offers secure 24/7 access to an online portal for managing and reviewing all the bills associated with the healthcare provider or the pharmacy, giving the patient unprecedented visibility into important data.
  • CareMDRx will take the time to learn which treatment is covered by the set-aside account, and what should be paid for by Medicare.
  • CareMDRx will negotiate these issues with Medicare on behalf of the beneficiary.
  • CareMDRx takes any bills that are the legal responsibility of the beneficiary and reviews them for accuracy, paying them at the lowest possible cost.  This can extend the life of the set-aside account, but more importantly it avoids Provider and Pharmacy overcharges.
  • CareMDRx, when applicable, includes the reports that must be sent to Medicare each year, until the set-aside account is exhausted.
  • CareMDRx is provided at no charge to the enrollee.

Option 1 / Professional Administration Service (PAS)

This option will manage all of the funds through a bank account set up and controlled by our CareMDRx system.  It is designed for those individuals who are a Medicare beneficiary or about to become a Medicare beneficiary in the next 30 months.  This service provides them complete peace of mind from disruption of their Medicare benefits.  The PAS is designed to manage the money from a settlement, so the claimant gets the most out of their Medicare benefits and preserves the dollars in their set-side account for future medical expenses.

Option 2 / Assisted Administration Service (AAS)

This option is designed for those claimants that want to hold on to their own funds in their bank account, post-settlement. It is designed for those individuals who are a Medicare beneficiary, reasonably expected to be a Medicare beneficiary in the next 30 months, or not at all a Medicare beneficiary, now or in the next 30 months.

Option 3 / Network Access Service (NAS)

This service provides immediate access to healthcare providers and pharmacy discounts for any treatment whether it is related or not related to your recently settled claim.  Enrollees can benefit from the cost savings provided through the CareMDRx network. It is designed for people who have no access to regular health insurance.  This gives them the ability to stop paying retail for healthcare visits and prescription expenses.


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